Bad Cops
Bad Cops

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Shocking Images of police brutality caught on tape!


Beatings, wrongful shootings, assaults, and much more too shocking to describe!

WHAT YOU ARE ABOUT TO SEE IS REAL. Shocking Images of police brutality - "Caught on Tape"! We live in a violent society where we need cops. But we don't need BAD COPS! THE OFFICER'S DUTY: "TO SERVE AND PROTECT"

These days it seems like officers are serving beatings and protecting themselves. We pay their salaries with taxes while the bad cops get away with murder! Remember - one bad apple spoils the bunch. The "Code of Silence" must be broken!! If you've been a victim of Police Brutality, do not be afraid to report it. This senseless violence must be stopped!! Beatings - Wrongful Shootings - Assaults and much more, too shocking to describe!


Run Time: 70 Minutes

Year Produced: 2004

Release Date: March 9th, 2010

Genre: Reality » Shock

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Brain Damage Films

DVD UPC: 769529950530

DVD Catalog Number: BD4226

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