The Summoning

The ritual has begun.


A group of college students find out about “the party of the year” being thrown at a barn outside of town. On the way, they get lost and their car breaks down, stranding them in the middle of nowhere.The group is chased through the forest, discovering they are now part of a satanic ceremony.


Run Time: 88 Minutes

Year Produced: 2015

Genre: Horror » Occult

Cast & Crew:


Curtis Schultz

Main Cast:

Brian C Chenworth - Jared
Amy Locicero - Shelley
Flavio Milicchio - Drew
Shanna McLaughlin - Casey
Jordan Wall - Cam

Supporting Cast:

Elaine Hoxie - Gisele
John Kyle - The Summoner
J. Larose - Harold Noll
Lainie Kates - Lauren Bass
Kristina Bewley - Kim
Tracy Wiu - Main Newscaster

Executive Producer(s):

Matt Horn and Curtis Schultz


Joseph Hancock
Daniel Jackson and Robert Sloan

Distribution Information:

The Florida Horror Film Festival

Awards Won:
Best Actor, and Best Picture

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