It's not a slasher, it's a sledger!


Adam is a serial killer who believes he is in a movie and a video game. His objective is to collect human faces. A group of friends vacation to a secluded campground, and Adam meticulously watches them all to see if any are worth the hunt. They begin their camping trip with booze and sex, and ends in terror and screams.


Run Time: 75 Minutes

Year Produced: 2013

Release Date: October 7th, 2014

Genre: Horror » Comedy

Cast & Crew:


John Sovie II
Kristian Hanson

Main Cast:

Kristian Hanson
Dustin Bowman
Stephanie Tupper
Rachel Cornell

Supporting Cast:

Russell Matoes
Desiree Holmes
Travis Hanson


John Sovie II
Kristian Hanson

Composer/Original Music:

Eric Xton

Distribution Information:

Indie Fest (2013)
Action on Film Festival (2013)
Twisted Tails Film Festival (2013)
Colortape International Film Festival (2013)

Awards Won:
Indie Fest Award Winner: Award of Merit (2013)
Nominated for Best Horror Feature at Action on Film Festival

Released By:

Brain Damage Films

DVD UPC: 769529911432

DVD Catalog Number: BD9114

DVD Special Features:
Audio Commentary with Kristian & Fernanda Hanson

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