Slashers Gone Wild!

A contest will decide your fate! Win or lose there will be Hell to pay!


Every year a contest is held to see who is the most brutal serial killer in the United States. Each year that title has gone to Slasher Inc's employee of the year Rob the Slasher. One of Rob's former victims makes a demonic deal that allows him to ressurect and control the dead. Burning for revenge he threatens to flood the world with hordes of bloodthirsty flesh eating zombies if he is not granted as the winner.


Run Time: 78 Minutes

Year Produced: 2008

Release Date: October 4th, 2011

Genre: Horror » Slasher

Cast & Crew:


Rob Avery

Main Cast:

Robyn Griggs
Rob Avery
Heather Leigh Davis
Mandee Keith

Executive Producer(s):

Rob Avery

Composer/Original Music:

Morphic Resonance
Braille Korp
Rob Avery

Distribution Information:

Indie Gathering (2006), Fright night film Fest (2009)

Awards Won:
One of the winners in the Best Horror film section at 2006 Indie Gathering film festival, Official selection at the 2009 Fright Night Film Fest

Released By:

Brain Damage Films

DVD UPC: 769529987239

DVD Catalog Number: BD9872

DVD Special Features:
-Audio Commentary

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