Rise of the Animals

Bambi doesn't want a f#*king salad!


After infiltrating an all girl's slumber party in a remote cabin, Wolf, an awkward pizza delivery driver spends a passionate evening with a beautiful teen named Samantha. The next morning Samantha is gone, and the cabin in the woods is attacked by a family of deer. After a brutal massacre the cabin is bathed in the blood and gruesome remains of deer and teenage girl. Wolf, his best friend Jake, and Jake's sister Rachel are the only one's left standing. Wolf finds Samantha's cell phone a midst the blood bath, and the trio set out on an epic, cross-country journey to return the lost phone to the girl of Wolf's dreams. As animals across the globe turn on humanity and society quickly collapses into chaos, Wolf's determined spirit pushes him forward against all odds. But is she worth it?


Run Time: 72 Minutes

Year Produced: 2011

Release Date: May 1st, 2012

Genre: Horror » Comedy

Cast & Crew:


Chris Wojcik

Main Cast:

Greg Hoople
Steph Motta
Adam Schonberg

Supporting Cast:

Nicole Salisbury
Charles Bigelow
Phillip Musumeci


Jeremiah Franco
Chris Wojcik

Composer/Original Music:

Federal! State! Local!

Distribution Information:

Released By:

Midnight Releasing

DVD UPC: 769529992530

DVD Catalog Number: MR9925

DVD Special Features:
-Behind-the-scenes Featurette
-Teaser/test scene
-Visual FX Featurette

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