New Order

In the future, when there is no hope fear wins


The year is 2033, three years after an unknown bacteriological attack wiped out almost 80% of the global population. Cities are no longer a safe place to live as rotting corpses are spreading new diseases. A city called New Birth City was set up by what's left of global government and military, a place where humanity could survive and search for a cure. Two Oxford professors headed the research, and two years after the outbreak one of the professors died leaving Dr. Cornelius Van Morgen (Franco Nero), a world renowned biologist to continue the research. Dr. Cornelius Van Morgen chooses five people from among the survivors and puts them up in an old country house where his deceased colleague had set up a research laboratory. Working with the notes his research partner has left behind and observing the five survivors, Dr Cornelius Van Morgen continues his desperate search for a cure or vaccine...


Run Time: 86 Minutes

Year Produced: 2012

Release Date: February 19th, 2013

Genre: Action/Suspense » Sci-Fi

Cast & Crew:


Marco Rosson

Main Cast:

Franco Nero
David Wurawa

Supporting Cast:

Margherita Remotti
Tataiana Luter
Federico Rossi
James Kelly Caldwell

Executive Producer(s):

Geranana Gandini
Enrica Rosson


Marco Rosson
Germana Gandini
Martinetti Carla
Franco Nero
Mike Altmann

Composer/Original Music:

Francecso Piccolo
Riccardo Rossi

Distribution Information:

Los Angeles, Italia Film Festival (2012), Maya Film Festival (2012), Portobello Film Festival (2012)

Released By:

Midnight Releasing

DVD UPC: 769529994732

DVD Catalog Number: MR9947

DVD Special Features:
-Behind-the-scenes Video
-Deleted Scenes

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