The Hounds

Survival depends on the right choice


Jake, Sarah, Martin and Dave are friends who usually meet at their local pub for a drink every Friday night. They decide to go on a hiking weekend, camping out overnight. At a different location a briefcase of money is handed over to a man with a distinctive scar across his face. Before going home they drop in at rave party nearby. Mike is a police detective who has been working on a case called "The Hounds" for a long time. In the morning the friends meet up, however Martin is late due to a hangover. After a 2 hour walk they choose a clearing and put up the tents. Dave trips over a human limb protruding from the ground. They unearth a buried corpse which has a bag wrapped around its head. In the meantime Mike is shadowing the man with the scar. From that moment a bloody series of events will change their lives forever. How are these parallel stories connected? And what terrible discovery will Sarah make? Nothing is quite as it appears.


Run Time: 92 Minutes

Year Produced: 2011

Release Date: January 22nd, 2013

Genre: Horror » Psychological

Cast & Crew:


Maurizio Del Piccolo
Roberto Del Piccolo

Main Cast:

Maddie Moate
David Drew
John Doughty
Paul Tonkin
Andy Callaghan

Supporting Cast:

Danny Shayler
Alice Knapton
Ollie Williams
Vicky Vatchers


Roberto Del Piccolo
Maurizio Del Piccolo

Composer/Original Music:

Pierluigi Pietroniro

Distribution Information:

Gorge International Shockerfest (2012)
Tohorror (2012)
Fantafest (2012)
Everybody Dies Horror Film Festival

Awards Won:
Best Film (Fantafestival, Rome, 2012)
Jury Award (Tohorror Film Fest, Turin, 2012)

Released By:

Midnight Releasing

DVD UPC: 769529993834

DVD Catalog Number: MR9938

DVD Special Features:
-House of Noises Music Video

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