Horror House

Home Sweet Horror! Five stories, one house of fear.


Five different moments in time within one house, home to secrets, death and lies. A horror anthology of five short stories introduced by the Real Estate Agent Joe (LLOYD KAUFMAN) intent on selling this bargain house and all the horrors within its walls. Each tale is interlinked, telling chronicles of monsters from a story book, a living doll, the power of the tarot, a set of creepy twins and a man whose opinion of his hotness is turned against him.


Run Time: 88 Minutes

Year Produced: 2012

Genre: Horror

Cast & Crew:


Evan Marlowe

Main Cast:

Lloyd Kaufman
Kerry Finlayson
Lauren Lakis
Kaden Graves
Catharina Widell

Supporting Cast:

Alyssa & Katelyn Hunter
Alex Sanborn
John Wuchte
Elain Rinehart
Lisa Goodman
Zachary Haven
Helen Soraya

Executive Producer(s):

Todd Slater
Evan Marlowe
Barry & Sue Finlayson


Kerry Marlowe

Composer/Original Music:

Michael Daniel

Distribution Information:

Chicago Indie Horror Film Festival (2013), California Film Awards (2013), Studio City Film Festival (2013), Trail Dance Film Festival (2013)

Awards Won:
California Film Awards - Diamond Award - 2013

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