Hell's Caretaker

First he took care of the house; then he took care of the people.


Written and directed by Philip Cappello, HELL'S CARETAKER is a straight forward horror movie about six friends, one dog and one very bad man. Sam has recently inherited his parents' old farmhouse in Vermont. Sam's faithful dog is sick and must be put down. At his ten-year high school reunion Sam meets up with a gang of friends. They decide to take his dog to the farmhouse for one last party weekend but have no idea the horror that awaits them.


Run Time: 75 Minutes

Year Produced: 2013

Release Date: August 12th, 2014

Genre: Horror » Suspense/Thriller

Cast & Crew:


Phillip Cappello

Main Cast:

Patrick McGowen
Alexandra Mingione
Joey Mintz
Sean Deblat
Aya Beldi (Shapovalov)

Supporting Cast:

Leon Kirkland
Jodi Lin-Yen
Daniel Kaye (Waxman)
Ian Schulz
Louis Kinscy
George Counes
Shawn Martin

Executive Producer(s):

Phillip Cappello


Phillip Cappello
Leon Kirkland (co-producer)

Composer/Original Music:

Will Armstrong

Distribution Information:

Fright Night Film Fest (2013), Long Island Film Festival (2013), Macabra Faire (2014), New Filmmakers Screening Series (Winter 2014)

Awards Won:
Won: The Ralph Ince Director's Award (2013) Long Island Film Festival
Won: Best Editing (2013) Lond Island Film Festival

Released By:

Brain Damage Films

DVD UPC: 769529911135

DVD Catalog Number: BD9111

DVD Special Features:
Audio Commentary, Guillotine Riot Music Video

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