Feeding Grounds

Friends until the end... The very end


Four guys and four girls meet for a weekend getaway. New friends are made and old flames rekindled. En route to a fantasy weekend at a desert cabin, a glitch in plans forces them to pull over. They pass the time by getting the party started amid the gorgeous scenery until a grisly discovery sets them off running... They soon find themselves stuck, like the abandoned cars that litter the side of the road. Nightfall creeps closer and they're pushed to the limit as one disaster follows another. Will they be able to survive this night and see the dawn?


Run Time: 82 Minutes

Year Produced: 2009

Release Date: October 6th, 2009

Genre: Horror » Zombies

Cast & Crew:


Junior Bonner

Main Cast:

Alex Ballar
Jamie Gannon

Executive Producer(s):

Alex Ballar
Jamie Gannon


Rudy Makupson

Composer/Original Music:

Robert Hawes
Eric Lindsay

Distribution Information:

Released By:

Brain Damage Films

DVD UPC: 769529976936

DVD Catalog Number: BD9769

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