The Farm
The Farm

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They came for solace... They became livestock.


Mickey and Juliet, a young couple on the run from a vicious gang of drug dealers, arrive at a deserted farm in the Irish countryside near Cork, aiming to flee to France the following day.
The farm is inhabited by only one man, a 20 year-old named John. John is cripplingly shy, but seems to be fascinated by Juliet, who also seems quite taken by him. As Juliet and John forge more and more of a bond, Mickey, fearing that the criminal gang will pounce on him at any moment, and also that John will turn him over to the police, becomes more and more paranoid. As he and Juliet prepare to leave the farm the next morning, Mickey resolves to kill John spurring an abrupt turn, and a deadly love triangle involving tears, poisoning, torture and skinned lambs. It is a triangle from which no one will escape alive!


Run Time: 83 Minutes

Year Produced: 2009

Release Date: October 5th, 2010

Genre: Horror » Psychological

Cast & Crew:


Dáire McNab

Main Cast:

Louise Cargin
Jack Lowe
Cathal Reilly

Supporting Cast:

Phyllis Carthy
Robert D. Donohoe
Neill Fleming
Francis Usanga


Simone Cameron-Coen
Dáire McNab

Composer/Original Music:

Kenneth Conway
Robert Kearns

Distribution Information:

Released By:

Brain Damage Films

DVD UPC: 769529979531

DVD Catalog Number: BD9795

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