Deadly Renovations

It's all in the plans.


DJ Perry commands a wonderful cast in this fast paced thriller/horror about a group who renovates an abandoned hotel that may contain millions in cash hidden somewhere within.
Allan Liarsby (DJ PERRY) heads a group of renovators who just finished flipping their seventh project. Allen informs the group that they have a new, larger project of renovating the abandoned Hotel Del Sol. George (DEAN MAURO) and Barry (TOMMY LYNCH) convince Joel (Noel Allison), who does not like the idea, that it is a good project. The leading woman, Ana (SHAWN ROUGERON), Lisa (TRACILYN JONES), Rosa (NATHALIE BEN-KELY), and Debra (CHARLENE KHALAF) all welcome the project.

The Hotel Del Sol has a long and storied history. One that includes the arrest of its proprietor Alex Stein and his co-conspirator Donald Martin (ANTHONY HORUNS) in the Okie Town Bank Heist that netted over ten million in 1989. Sam (JOHNNY DARK), now a retired police investigator, never solved the disappearance of the money or the other six co-conspirators.

Learning that the hotel had been sold, Frank (TERENCE KNOX), Daily Newspaper, assigns Justin (FRED GRIFFITH), a struggling reporter, the Okie Town Bank Heist Case. Frank also informs Justin that Donald Martin gets out of jail in two days. As Justin digs into Donald Martin’s life, the path leads him to the Arizona Youth Mental Hospital where he meets Dr. Natas (LANA WOOD). Although she not allowed discussing patient histories, Justin obtains enough information that something deadly is going to happen at the hotel.

Meanwhile Sam still wants to find that money, as retirement has not been good to him. He picks Donald up at the gates of the prison and takes him to the Hotel Del Sol.

As the eight-person renovation team moves into the hotel, rumors of the bank robbery and hidden money escalate. Justin races back to the hotel to warn everyone; however, we soon discover that people are not who they seem to be. The Renovation crew meets their new hotel guests. Murder and Mayhem ensue.


Run Time: 84 Minutes

Year Produced: 2010

Release Date: August 21st, 2012

Genre: Horror » Suspense/Thriller

Cast & Crew:


Robert H. Gwinn

Main Cast:

DJ Perry
Johnny Dark
Lana Wood
Terence Knox
Fred Griffith
Anthony Hornus
Tommy Lynch
Shawn Rougeron
Dean Mauro

Supporting Cast:

Nathalie Ben-Kely
Tracilyn Jones
Charlene May Khalaf
Noel Allison
David Borowicz
Michael Rivers
Dean Teaster

Executive Producer(s):

Mike Suba


Robert H. Gwinn
DJ Perry
Charles Pisaeno
Alma Pisaeno

Composer/Original Music:

Mark Flint

Distribution Information:

Released By:

Midnight Releasing

DVD UPC: 769529992936

DVD Catalog Number: MR9929

DVD Special Features:
-Director Commentary
-Blooper Reel
-Behind the VFX

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