Deadly Presence

What kills you makes you stronger.


Three girlfriends looking for a night of fun decide to stay at an old haunted house. Nothing creepy seems to come of their séance session until a few months later when one of the girls leaves a cryptic video message before committing suicide in her bathtub. Now it's up to Andie to find the answers before tragedy strikes again.


Run Time: 90 Minutes

Year Produced: 2013

Release Date: February 4th, 2014

Genre: Horror » Occult

Cast & Crew:


Shane Cole

Main Cast:

Megan Lynn
Kathy Sue Holtorf
Sabrina Carmichael

Supporting Cast:

Bethany Brooke Anderson
Elissa Dowling
Robert Dough
Dan Sutter


Shane Cole
Megan Lynn

Composer/Original Music:

H. Anton Riehl

Distribution Information:

Released By:

Brain Damage Films

DVD UPC: 769529998433

DVD Catalog Number: BD9984

DVD Special Features:
-Behind-the-Scenes Featurette

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