Is it a blessing or a curse?


Roy Logan is an average guy who works as a bouncer in a local bar and grill. But every night when he goes to sleep he has the same disturbing dream. In this dream he sees and feels himself dying -- always in the same way and the same place -- over and over and over again.

Seeking a solution for this unusual problem, Roy consults Dr. Enrich Eisenhart, who among other things is a college professor, mystic, and student of the occult. Roy is told by the Doctor that he has been born with both a blessing and a curse: a phenomenon known as The Darken. Those who carry this stigma are marked by fate, destined to live until a predetermined time and place are reached. Those born to carry The Darken are given foreknowledge of their oncoming death -- usually in the form of dreams.
Roy resists the idea but soon comes to learn that, not only is it a reality, but he has also been cast into a series of profound events concerning the struggle of good and evil. He encounters a young girl named Rhea who is being pursued by a very evil man who will stop at nothing to get her. But Rhea is no ordinary girl.


Run Time: 105 Minutes

Year Produced: 2006

Release Date: December 11th, 2012

Genre: Horror » Suspense/Thriller

Cast & Crew:


John Johnson

Main Cast:

John Johnson
Whisper Nichole
Syn Devil

Supporting Cast:

Alvaro Coronado
Leo Rogstad
Hans Moore


John Johnson

Composer/Original Music:

Andy Deane

Distribution Information:

Released By:

Brain Damage Films

DVD UPC: 769529994138

DVD Catalog Number: BD9941

DVD Special Features:
-Audio Commentary with writer/director John Johnson and cast member Whisper Nichole
-Theatrical Trailers
-TV Spots
-Bloopers and more!

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