Bound by Blood: Wendigo

These woods hold an evil secret...


For Hundreds of years, Native American culture has believed in the evil cannibalistic spirit know as "the Wendigo". For those who had taken part in cannibalism, no matter the reason, it was said "the Wendigo" would then take possession of the person’s body and soul. Once the Wendigo would take possession of the human host, the host would develop and insatiable desire to eat human flesh.

In the deep woods of Northern Pennsylvania, A small town sheriff is investigating a bloody crime scene. On the scene, he meets beautiful Angeni Stonechild, a traveling physician doing work in the area. During the investigation, the two stumble upon FBI Agents, two individuals under their witness protection program, dead bodies, and a whole slew of hired hit men out to ensure the witnesses never make it to trial. With a trail of mutilated bodies piling up, the sheriff and Angeni must not only confront the dangerous assassins but also find away to destroy... the Wendigo!


Run Time: 76 Minutes

Year Produced: 2010

Release Date: May 3rd, 2011

Genre: Horror » Occult

Cast & Crew:


Len Kabasinski

Main Cast:

Brian Anthony
Cheyenne King
Leon South
Amara Offhaus
KK Ryder


Dianna Visalle

Distribution Information:

Released By:

Midnight Releasing

DVD UPC: 769529982838

DVD Catalog Number: MR9828

DVD Special Features:
-Audio Commentary
-"Blind Date" Short Film
-Local News Coverage Clips

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