Attack of the Giant Leeches
Attack of the Giant Leeches

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You bleed... They feed


In a small town, the silence is shattered by a rash of disappearances at the swamp near the old deserted factories. Bodies are being discovered with no blood left in them. It's up to a park ranger and the town sheriff to discover what ungodly creature is responsible for these deaths. It's only a matter of time before they discover that what they seek are leeches that have grown to unbelievable size. We bleed, they feed!


Run Time: 76 Minutes

Year Produced: 2008

Release Date: May 5th, 2009

Genre: Horror » Monsters

Cast & Crew:


Brett Kelly

Main Cast:

Mike Conway
Kerri Draper
Kevin Preece
Shawna McSheffrey

Executive Producer(s):

Anne-Marie Frigon

Composer/Original Music:

Kevin MacLeod

Distribution Information:

Released By:

Midnight Releasing

DVD UPC: 89218402899

DVD Catalog Number: MR9758

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