What's your deepest fear?


As a final project, five film students led by Maya (Megan Davis) travel to an old mining town deep in Southern Arizona to document paranormal activity at the legendary Copper Queen hospital. Before its decline and closure, the hospital was considered the best facility in the state. Since then, it has only brought shame to the dwindling community. The students begin by interviewing the townspeople, receiving mixed impressions until a local store owner sends them to Mrs. Campbell (Joan Schumacher), a long time resident and former nurse at the Copper Queen. If there's any information about the hospital, she would have it. At Mrs. Campbell's home the students are captivated by the shocking truth surrounding the hospital’s decline and embark on a horrific journey that would lead them to the abomination of cruelty and neglect the hospital housed for many years. His name was Isaac...


Run Time: 83 Minutes

Year Produced: 2012

Release Date: March 26th, 2013

Genre: Horror » Supernatural/Ghosts

Cast & Crew:


Quin Davis

Main Cast:

John Bernath
Megan Davis

Supporting Cast:

Caitlin Singer
J.A. Cuffs Bratten
Brandon Lee Pittman
Tiffany Ann B

Executive Producer(s):

Quin Davis


Richard Davis
Doreen Davis

Distribution Information:

Released By:

Midnight Releasing

DVD UPC: 769529994534

DVD Catalog Number: MR9945

DVD Special Features:
-Audio Commentary Tracks

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