Acts of Death

Trapped and tortured... Sometimes death is the only relief


Late in the Fall semester at Baxter University, six theatre students are about to have one of their- once a semester "members only" bashes. The plan is to once again slip the old security guard Gus, a bottle of Old Crow Whiskey and stick around the theatre after it closes for the night. The booze keeps old Gus occupied while the others use the 80-year-old building as their playground.

The secret club exists within the theatre department for two main reasons: one, all the best roles, and more fiendishly the second, for "initiating" young freshmen girls into the program. On this particular night, the leader of the group, Chase, decides to "initiate" one of the beautiful freshmen girls. He gets her drunk and "to seal the deal" he slips something into her drink. She has an adverse reaction to it and dies during the "initiation". The group decides that their future is too important to come clean so they decide to leave the body in the old tunnels beneath the theatre.

The next day, head of campus security, Jack Strong, informs the students that- due to the national production of "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" that is coming to campus, security has been increased. The theater building is now equipped with electric doors and windows as well as "key-card" entry after hours.

The group are asked to stick around in the theater for a late rehearsal. It becomes apparent that someone wants them to pay for their actions.

How many will die before The Final Curtain comes down?


Run Time: 103 Minutes

Year Produced: 2007

Release Date: August 14th, 2007

Genre: Horror » Slasher

Cast & Crew:


Jeff Burton

Main Cast:

Nathaniel Nose
Niki Huey
Finn Wrisley
James Ohngren
Monica Percich
Derek J. Dubuque
Erin Scheiner
Jason Carter
Bill Vincent

Supporting Cast:

Reggie Bannister
Edward Conna
Caitlin Cauchy
Aaron Dean Eisenberg
Glenn Shadix

Executive Producer(s):

Jordan Yale Levine
Franco Sama


Leonard McLeod
Jeff Burton
Erik F. Hill

Composer/Original Music:

John Roome

Distribution Information:

DVD UPC: 031398216957

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