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Dr. Elaine Krauss leads a group of research scientists deep into the mountains to investigate a series of supernatural phenomena. But while exploring, they stumble across the aftermath of a brutal, bloody massacre. The lone survivor, a man named Mark Locke, is mentally traumatized and claims to have no memory of what happened. Hoping to uncover the truth, Dr. Krauss puts Mark under hypnosis and forces him to relive the previous few days. While Mark suffers through the memories, it becomes obvious that whatever attacked him before is still out there...and Dr. Krauss’s team has attracted its attention. Soon, a strange, other-worldly battle is underway, where the past and present collide and nothing is what it seems.


Run Time: 92 Minutes

Year Produced: 2009

Release Date: November 3rd, 2009

Genre: Horror

Cast & Crew:


Dave R. Watkins

Main Cast:

Amy Holt
Chris Burns


Dave R. Watkins
Eric Bomba-Ire
Michael D. Friedman

Composer/Original Music:

Ron McLellen

Distribution Information:

Released By:

Brain Damage Films

DVD UPC: 769529977131

DVD Catalog Number: BD9771

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