Sick and the Dead
Sick and the Dead

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One year after the world ends, what will you be?


Flynn, Alex and Joe were right in the middle of ordinary lives when a zombie plague led them on a detour through a world of terror. One year later, they're no longer the same people they once were: one a bloodthirsty psychopath, one a survivalist, and the other an unlikely hero. Surrounded by the flesh-eating undead, the three come together to form an uneasy alliance. But who offers the bloodier fate, the walking dead or the psychotic living?


Run Time: 90 Minutes

Year Produced: 2007

Release Date: February 3rd, 2009

Genre: Horror » Zombies

Cast & Crew:


Jordy Dickens
Brockton McKinney

Main Cast:

Leeko McKinney
Jordy Dickens
Nate Boreiko

Supporting Cast:

Amy Banks

Executive Producer(s):



Andy Schanie

Composer/Original Music:

Amy Banks Fader
Bo Fader

Distribution Information:

Released By:

Burning Moon Pictures

DVD UPC: 769529974635

DVD Catalog Number: BM9746

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