The Shunned House
The Shunned House

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When evil answers the door...


Based on an H.P. Lovecraft tale, THE SHUNNED HOUSE is the story of Alex and his girlfriend, Rita, who enter a decaying inn to investigate a series of gruesome and unexplained murders from the distant past. Through the dusty rooms they sense an obscure power, a presence of evil, still lurking within the walls.

As timeless atrocities appear around them, Alex and Rita realize they may become another one of the inn's legends. Inside the Shunned House, dying once is not enough.


Run Time: 83 Minutes

Year Produced: 2003

Release Date: October 18th, 2003

Genre: Horror » Occult

Cast & Crew:


Ivan Zuccon

Main Cast:

Fedrica Quaglieri
Michael Segal
Silva Ferreri


Valerio Zuccon

Composer/Original Music:


Distribution Information:

Released By:

Brain Damage Films

DVD UPC: 71083568862

DVD Catalog Number: BD9548

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