ReAnimator Academy
ReAnimator Academy

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Life is just one big party after another at the Delta Epsilon Delta Fraternity House. The brothers all excel at drinking and carousing...with the exception of Edgar, who would develops a reanimation serum and successfully returns a severed head to life! A local gangster named Mugsy learns of the miraculous serum and forces Edgar to reanimate his murdered girlfriend.

Complications arise when she becomes an insufferable shrew. Hotlips must be stopped before she beheads the entire student body!


Run Time: 69 Minutes

Year Produced: 1992

Genre: Horror » Zombies

Cast & Crew:


Judith Priest

Main Cast:

Steve Westerheit
Connie Speer
Richard Perrin
Benton Jennings
Julian Scott

Supporting Cast:

Sarah Paxton
Tom Fegan
J. Scott Guy

Executive Producer(s):

David DeCoteau


Judith Priest

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