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You aint tasted the psycho yet


A young man wakes up the day after a raucous party thrown in his parent's isolated ski house. While inspecting the incredible mess that's been left for him to clean, he discovers that two guests from the previous evening have yet to make their exit. The strangers help clean up the mess and the three get along fine, that is, until they are asked to leave. The strangers, Paul and Craig, have no intention of going anywhere until they finished what they came to do.


Run Time: 77 Minutes

Year Produced: 2006

Release Date: November 4th, 2008

Genre: Horror » Psychological

Cast & Crew:


Tony Ducret

Main Cast:

Gian-Murray Gianino
Alex Finch
Natalia McLennan
Airrion Doss

Executive Producer(s):

Tony Ducret


Alex Finch
Gian-Murray Gianino

Composer/Original Music:

Mark Unthank

Distribution Information:

Best Director (Ocean City Film Festival 2005)
Best Horror Feature (Shockerfest Film Festival 2005)
Official Selection (Freedom Film Festival 2005)
Official Selection (Long Island Film Festival 2005)

Released By:

Midnight Releasing

DVD UPC: 769529971931

DVD Catalog Number: MR9719

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