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You Won't Believe Your Eyes Until He Rips Them From Their Sockets


A newlywed couple move into their new house. What they don't realize is that the previous owner of the house raised a monstrous creature from the depths of hell! Now it's coming back to make up for lost time.

The Goblin, set free from its dark prison within the earth, lays waste to the Missouri countryside, hungry to mangle or kill anything or anyone in its path. The young people, trapped inside the house, are pushed to the nightmarish extremes, forced to retaliate...or become the next victim of...the GOBLIN!

Goblin delivers unbelievable scenes of violence and gore...just pray he doesn't deliver them to your doorstep!


Run Time: 0 Minutes

Year Produced: 1993

Genre: Horror » Monsters

Cast & Crew:


Todd Sheets

Main Cast:

Mike Hellman
Jenny Admire
Matt Lewis
Tonia Monahan


Todd Sheets

Composer/Original Music:

Enochian Key

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