Death on Demand

Turn on. Log in. Watch out.


Wealthy college student Richard Sachs arranges a web broadcast contest originating from a local haunted house. He entices three young couples to spend Halloween night in the abandoned dwelling by offering $5,000 in prize money.
The last owner of the house was deranged killer Sean McIntyre, who murdered his entire family 20 years prior on Thanksgiving day before hanging himself. McIntyre was an amateur mountain climber who used his grappling hook to gruesome effect during his murder spree; we learn that his descent into madness began when he killed what he believed was a Yeti on a trek up the Himalayas.
Richard has mini-video cameras situated throughout the McIntyre house to capture the happenings for his Internet broadcast. When subscriptions for the show lag, he hires a porn star to take the place of one of the contestants. The participants include two college football players, their girlfriends and a geeky student who is paired with the amorous Velvet Luv, the hired porn star. The two football players are destined to clash over a simmering feud concerning team spirit.
The evening starts off with a group séance where the spirit of Sean McIntyre is contacted and, unbeknownst to the youths, brought back from the other side. As the kids split up and follow clues given them under the rules of the contest, they are systematically slaughtered by McIntyre. Eventually, the kids realize they are being stalked and the survivors must make a final stand in the attic.


Run Time: 90 Minutes

Year Produced: 2008

Release Date: July 8th, 2008

Genre: Horror » Supernatural/Ghosts

Cast & Crew:


Adam Matalon

Main Cast:

Jerry Broom
Suzannah Lawson Matalon
Bridget Clark
Daphne Ciccarelle
Hilary Greer
Elisabeth Jamison
Dan Falcone
Terron Jones

Supporting Cast:

Joseph Pensabene
Sara Christal
Josh Folan
Brandon Goins
Anne McDaniels
Ralph Bernard

Executive Producer(s):

Kevin Burke
Adam Matalon


Sarah Matalon

Composer/Original Music:

Adam Blau

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