Dead on Site

Evil needs an audience


The Sackett family never had a chance.

Attacked in their home by an intruder, the couple and their three children were slashed to ribbons, decapitated, eviscerated.

One year later, a group of college students moves into the so-called "Whack-it House" on a mission not only to complete a senior project, but discover the identity of the killer and get justice at last.

Luis, whose father was a police detective, has all the files on the case. Marc is a computer wiz, responsible for setting up and maintaining the surveillance equipment, computer and website that the group will be using. Deke, with his alpha dog personality, is the group’s de facto leader. The guys are joined by Lynne, a sexy B movie actress now completing her media arts degree; Kim-Ly, a petite but scrappy Vietnamese martial artist; and Cody, a Native American student who senses early on that something is not right.

Each night they re-enact one of the Sackett family murders, and each time something goes wrong. Tempers flare...  blood flows... and then the threatening phone calls begin.
Soon, the group has more questions than they have answers: Who really killed the Sacketts? And has he come back for more...?


Run Time: 86 Minutes

Year Produced: 2008

Release Date: April 5th, 2011

Genre: Horror » Suspense/Thriller

Cast & Crew:


Scott Kenyon Barker

Main Cast:

Robbie Daymond
Mai-Ly Duong
Chris Burnham
Maggie Guzman
Andre Mazire
Jaime Perkins

Supporting Cast:

Tiffany Shepis


Brian Aldo
Scott Kenyon Barker
Mark Headley
Tamara Mack

Composer/Original Music:

Robert A. Wolf

Distribution Information:

Released By:

Midnight Releasing

DVD UPC: 769529982531

DVD Catalog Number: MR9825

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