Blood Red Moon

The moon is full... With the blood of the innocent!


Megan comes to a new town and falls in love with the mysterious Victor . Unknown to Megan, Victor is a vampire, a sad, lonely soul who has walked the Earth for some time. When a rash of murders begins to happen in town, Victor is suspected. Other than Megan, no one in town believes in Victor’s innocence - while the real killer walks the streets, free to continue the hunt and the killings.


Run Time: 76 Minutes

Year Produced: 2009

Release Date: April 6th, 2010

Genre: Horror » Vampires

Cast & Crew:


Scott Patrick

Main Cast:

Sarah Lavrisa
Matthew Rogers
Mark Courneyea
Shelley-Jean Harrison

Supporting Cast:

Brett Kelly
Anne-Marie Frigon
Tiffany Lawson
Trevor Payer

Executive Producer(s):

Brett Kelly


Anne-Marie Frigon

Distribution Information:

Released By:

Midnight Releasing

DVD UPC: 769529978039

DVD Catalog Number: MR9780

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