Better Living Through Killing
Better Living Through Killing

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They'll kill your lawn... Then you!


Witness murder without shame as homicidal lawn care workers Otis and Welford Moses realize a Better Living Through Killing! It's not that they hate people - they just like them better dead! See people massacred with baseball bats, rusty saws, lawn tools, and even a cat's scratching post! The only problem is that the long arm of the law is hot on their trail! Oh... And there is a talking owl named Bonaparte who guides the Moses brothers on their killing spree.


Run Time: 75 Minutes

Year Produced: 2007

Release Date: January 6th, 2009

Genre: Horror

Cast & Crew:


Brendan Deininger

Main Cast:

Todd Taylor
Bebe S. Bellamont


Kitty Brisco

Distribution Information:

Released By:

Burning Moon Pictures

DVD UPC: 769529974239

DVD Catalog Number: BM9742

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