Autopsy: A Love Story
Autopsy: A Love Story

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A good dose of phychological horror, topped with a massive helping of even darker humor


The world of the dead is the world of Charlie Bickle, a lonely man that searches for love wherever he can. His friends are the John and Jane Does of the city that he collects for the county coroner. These are the nameless people that everyone has forgotten, the suicides, the overdosers, the unsolved homicides that for the right bribe can end up with Charlie and his partner Dale. Their business is a far more sinister one, harvesting these corpses for their organs, and selling whatever they may have of value to make a profit.

Dale is on the verge of a the biggest deal of his career, selling these corpses all over the world, when Charlie meets the Jane Doe of his dreams, a suicide victim of such beauty that he realizes that it was no accident that they met. He keeps her hidden from Dale and the world of Autopsies as they soon become inseparable. He is even keeping Jane a secret from his crippled girlfriend Mary, who becomes suspicious of Charlie’s late nights at the morgue.

Despite his efforts, Charlie can't stop the ravages of decomposition the Jane’s body is going through, as his work piles up, the county health department shuts them down he is faced with breaking into his own morgue to dispose of over 60 bodies as well as his beloved Jane, who has now threatened to expose his dark little romance.


Run Time: 84 Minutes

Year Produced: 2001

Release Date: November 9th, 2008

Genre: Horror » Suspense/Thriller

Cast & Crew:


Guy Crawford

Main Cast:

Joe Estevez
John Scott Mills
Dina Osmussen
Ginny Harman


John Scott Mills
Gary F. Carr
Tamarie Hargrove
Tiffany Dang

Distribution Information:

Released By:

Brain Damage Films

DVD UPC: 769529959038

DVD Catalog Number: BD9590

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