Wild Justice
Wild Justice

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Revenge Just Got Wild.


An ex-military man Daniel Wilson and his wife Lisa share a life which seems perfect in an environment of family people and cozy surrounding of trees and greenery. When they head to a local pub for a drink, the barmaid is raped by a gang member Frankie Harris. Wilson intervenes, beats up the thug Harris and throws him out of the place much to the pleasure of the other patrons. Later, the thug brings his gang and they beat up Daniel in a park. Daniel and Lisa comfort each other in their home unknowingly watched by the gang members outside. One night, Lisa is kidnapped from the house. Upon returning home, Daniel receives a ransom note and a phone call. He agrees to pay the gang but the trouble does not stop here and escalates to a full-scale war on both sides. Jennifer manages to track herself to the lair of the villains. Realizing that they lack people and weapons, the heroes approach a rival gang of the villains and meet Jack and Ashlee. The five of them: Daniel, Shane, Jennifer, Jack and Ashlee proceed to the villains' lair in the Australian outback and engage in a long and final battle with the gangsters where only one side will emerge victorious.


Run Time: 83 Minutes

Year Produced: 2013

Genre: Action/Suspense

Cast & Crew:


Julian Cheah

Main Cast:

Rod Manikam
Simon Arblaster
Maggie Meyer
Alyssia Joyce

Supporting Cast:

Terry 'Watto' Watkins

Executive Producer(s):

Allan Murrish


Rod Manikam

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