Time Again

That was now, this is then.


TIME AGAIN takes the audience on a wild sci-fi adventure into the notorious criminal underworld.

People say they can't change the past, but what would you say if you were given the chance to make things right?
That is the question presented to a young waitress as she travels back in time, not just once, but three times, to save her older sister from being murdered.

After a young waitress receives strange coins for a tip, she inadvertently becomes embroiled in an underworld battle with a notorious criminal that leads to her death. With the help of a mysterious old lady, her younger sister goes back in time to save her from being murdered.


Run Time: 82 Minutes

Year Produced: 2011

Release Date: August 21st, 2012

Genre: Action/Suspense » Sci-Fi

Cast & Crew:


Ray Karwel

Main Cast:

Scott F. Evans
John T. Woods
Angela Rachelle
Tara Smoker
Gigi Perreau

Supporting Cast:

Fred Anderson
Haile' D'Alan
Robert Pike Daniel
Sean Faye
Douglas Jantzen
Jonathan Kowalsky
Dan Lookabill
Scott Schneider
Heather Tocquigny


C.S. Hill
Ray Karwel
John Rosenberg
Debbie Glovin
Brandon DeRoos
John T. Woods

Composer/Original Music:

Jim Haas

Distribution Information:

Action Film of the Year Nominee, Action on Film International Film Festival (2011)
The Accolade Competition (2011)
Winter Film Awards (2012)
Boston Sci-Fi Film Festival (2012)
Best Action Film Nominee, Bare Bones International Film & Music Festival (2012)
Phoenix Comicon Film Festival (2012)
NewFilmmakers (2012)

Awards Won:
Award of Merit for a Feature Film (Accolade Competition 2011)

Released By:

Brain Damage Films

DVD UPC: 769529992738

DVD Catalog Number: BD9927

DVD Special Features:
-Extended Scene
-Audition Clips
-Director Commentary

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