The Nixer

Guns, drugs and gangsters. It seemed so simple...


The Nixer is a gritty urban drama set on Dublin cities north-side about two childhood friends turned petty criminals, Michael and Daniel. Having no discernible skills and little or no education they have ended up living in a dingy bed sit and doing odd jobs for local gang boss Tony Gallagher. Tired of living on the bread-line and begging for scraps Daniel suggests that they should to go into business for themselves and get out from under Tony's thumb. But seeing as they don't have the money or resources to become loan sharks or drug dealers they decide to start small by burglarizing local businesses and work their way up.
Thinking he's found the perfect job Daniel tells Michael about a small video shop where word has it the manager is a little crooked and keeps large amounts of cash in a safe out the back. Michael is reluctant at first but after seeing the only staff there is a young girl he doesn't take much convincing and goes along with Daniel's plan. They successfully pull off the job but get more then they bargained for when they find a large stash of drugs along with 50 grand in the shops safe. The next morning they head down to the pub to start their celebrations. However their excitement is short lived as they realize they've made a big mistake and ripped off one of Tony Gallagher's shops, injuring his niece in the process. Now fearing for his niece's life and thinking his business is at risk Tony and his psychotic son Damien are searching for the culprits. Michael and Daniel, terrified of what will happen if caught try to keep a low profile by helping Damien find out what happened but how long can they keep up the lie.


Run Time: 77 Minutes

Year Produced: 2011

Genre: Action/Suspense » Thriller

Cast & Crew:


Fiona Graham

Main Cast:

Raymond S. Kinsella
Robert O'Connor
Mike O'Flaherty
Niell Flemming
Robbie Kane

Supporting Cast:

Owen Mairtin Griffin
Toni Bailey
Rory Mullen
Moe Dunford
Pat Halligan
Gordon Rochford
Brian McHale Boyle
Darren Balfe

Executive Producer(s):

Anthony Graham
Fiona Graham


Lisa McNamee

Composer/Original Music:

Jeremy Howard

Distribution Information:

Oaxaca International Film Festival, The Mexico International Film Festival, The Dublin Underground Film Festival, Oceanside International Film festival

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