The Hired Killer
The Hired Killer

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A Touching Dramatic Tale of Honor and Redemption.


A professional assassin accidentally injures a girl on a hit job. She is a track runner who is now paralyzed. Out of a deep sense of guilt and a need for redemption, the hired killer takes on one last job to raise enough money for the girl to undergo a surgery which may restore her life.


Run Time: 104 Minutes

Year Produced: 2004

Release Date: March 1st, 2013

Genre: Action/Suspense » Thriller

Cast & Crew:


Julian Cheah

Main Cast:

Julian Cheah
Rodney Manikam
Marisa Chong
Johnny Goh

Supporting Cast:

Ted Siew
Kenji Sawahii


Julian Cheah

Composer/Original Music:

Fong Peng Chuan

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Awards Won:
Winner of Best Stunt Coordination Oscar, 7 Nominations – PPFM Oscar Awards 2004.

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